Eyecare Naturals Eyelid Wipes

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  • Eyecare Naturals Eyelid Wipes


Combining the powerful cleansing properties of tea tree oil and the soothing relief found in virgin coconut oil, Eyecare Naturals are, by far, the most effective eyelid wipes available. Made from organic, all-natural ingredients, Eyecare Naturals eyelid wipes provide a fresh and clean feeling with every use while remaining safe enough for children.

Eyecare Naturals Eyelid Wipes with Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil The best tea tree oil eyelid wipes on the market!

These no rinse eyelid wipes may help dry eyes, itchy eyes, eye strain, and a perfect makeup remover.

Here's what you'll be getting in each individual towelette:

• Moisturize your eyelids with all-natural essential oils every single day
• Clean away built-up oils, eye mucus, dirt, and more
• Soothe the itchiness and dryness that's been bothering you for ages!
• Reduce eye strain by giving your eyes a chance to relax and having less irritants on the skin!

Here's how easy it is to use Eyecare Naturals dry eye wipes:
1. Wash your hands, and open up one wrap.
2. Close your eyes*, gently rub the towelette on your eyelids from side to side
3. That's it! Your eyes are relaxed, cleaned, and ready to go!

*Remove contact lenses before use

- RELIEF FOR YOUR ITCHY AND DRY EYES - Finally get the relief you need, simply wipe and say goodbye to dry and irritated eyelids!
- MAKEUP REMOVER AND DAILY CLEANSER - Perfect for removing hard-to-clean makeup without irritating your skin! Safe and effective to use every single day as part of a powerful facial beauty routine!
- MADE IN THE USA - You know your face is getting the best treatment it can get. Made in FDA-Inspected and GMP-Compliant Facilities right here in the USA. Completely natural eye wipes!
- PACKED WITH ESSENTIAL OILS - These eye wipes with tea tree oil and coconut oil moisturize your dry eyes for good ocular hygiene, without any dryness or burning sensations! Soothe your itchy eyelids once and for all!
- INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED - Use one dry eye wipe a day, and you'll have enough for a whole month of use! Your eyes will thank you, and you'll help them relax, and reduce eye strain!