MyDay Daily Disposable 90 Pack

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  • MyDay Daily Disposable 90 Pack

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MyDay Daily Disposable 90 Pack
MyDay Daily Disposable is world's first daily disposable with Smart Silicone chemistry, that allows optimal oxygen permeability with less raw silicone, creating a lens with the best of both the hydrogel and silicone hydrogel worlds.


Daily Disposable Start the day with a new pair of contact lenses with daily disposable contact lenses. Put on a fresh pair of MyDay Daily Disposable 30 Pack contact lenses in the morning and dispose them in the evening.


The very moment you put your MyDay lenses on you forget that you are wearing them, thanks to the Smart Silicone™ technology. This technology makes it possible for a high level of oxygen to pass to the cornea  in your eye and therefore make the contact lenses feel comfortable and natural, as if you weren't wearing lenses at all.